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Hand and Paw Prints


Hand and foot prints or paw prints imprinted into clay slabs and inlaid with the colour of your choice with matching edges and hanging ribbon.

Hand, foot or paw prints. Size of plaque dependent on the size and number of print(s). We can do either a single imprint i.e. a baby’s hand only, or a hand and foot print, or all four prints (two hands and two feet, or all four paws!).  You can then choose what text to add such as name, birthdate, age at time of imprinting etc.
You then get to choose the colour of the prints, the edge, and Co-ordinated hanging ribbon.

Please e-mail me: with your choices, and to arrange a suitable time to visit the workshop for imprinting.

A single print on a plaque = £20

Two prints (one hand and one foot, or two paws) = £30

Four prints = £50

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Additional information

Imprint selection

One hand, Two hands, One hand and one foot, Two hands and two feet, One front paw, Two front paws, One front paw and one back paw, Two front paws and two back paws

Colour of imprints, edge, and hanging ribbon

Yellow, Orange, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Rainbow

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